US builds migrant tent city in Texas as Trump likens influx to ‘Disneyland’

EL PASO — The US government has begun erecting tents close to the border with Mexico to house detained migrants – even as Donald Trump likened the influx of undocumented families entering the US to “Disneyland” on Sunday. Life at the foothills of the Franklin mountains in El Paso, Texas has been rudely disrupted in the last few days... Continue Reading →

‘Nowhere to hold them’: exhausted migrants crowded under a bridge in Texas

EL PASO — Every day, thousands of people cross the Paso del Norte bridge between El Paso, Texas, and Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. For the past two days, the small shaded area underneath the bridge has also been busy: hundreds of recently apprehended migrants are now spending hours out in the open behind a chain-link fence and... Continue Reading →

Tornillo: detention site for migrant children to close amid safety fears

TORNILLO — The controversial Tornillo temporary detention facility in west Texas that has housed thousands of migrant children is shutting down, two months after a report warned of “serious safety and health vulnerabilities” at the camp. The Republican congressman Will Hurd, who from early on voiced his opposition to having the facility within his district, was the first to... Continue Reading →

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