Protesters march on ICE in El Paso as tent camp opens for migrant teens

EL PASO, Texas, June 19 (UPI) — Hundreds of protesters marched on a federal immigration facility Tuesday in El Paso, Texas, miles from a new tent shelter for unaccompanied migrant teenagers in the West Texas desert. The march on the Immigration Customs and Enforcement Processing Center, where migrants are held until their court hearings, followed weekend... Continue Reading →

A look at the statistical history of the FIFA World Cup

Every four years the World Cup brings us countless storylines, and a vast array of mixed emotions from the joy of winning, to the amusement of an underdog defying the odds, the madness of late goals and the despair of elimination which all but one team have to endure. This rollercoaster ride that lasts 32... Continue Reading →

Part 2: On opening games

After bursting a few bubbles with the first post evaluating the probability of a team to win a match when they score the first goal, it is only natural to begin to think about how important the first game of a tournament is for every team. Turns out the first result is extremely important in... Continue Reading →

Part 3: When do the goals come?

If you had the power to deduce when goals are going to happen, would you want to know? The timing of a goal depends on a vast range of factors, from strategy, positioning, talent and many others. For this exercise, I decided to take the record of goals in the previous five world cups from... Continue Reading →

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