IID, CAISO treaty may unleash new growth in clean energy

A nearly three-year-long dispute between the Imperial Irrigation District and the California Independent System Operator cast a cloud of uncertainty about the long-term opportunities for renewable energy developers who sought to build projects in the Imperial Valley. Now after a recent agreement struck between the two agencies, one of the primary hurdles for renewable energy... Continue Reading →

LAST CALL: Continuing to shine the light

When we are children trying to understand the nature of the world, we’re anxious to discover how everything around us works. This trait seems to dissipate as we grow up, but we are all born curious. In the last year, out of a desire to broaden my knowledge, I began to rediscover the lost love... Continue Reading →

Valley’s at the center of biofuel research

HOLTVILLE — Just as the Imperial Valley has played an important role in cleaner electrical energy, it may also play an important role in generating cleaner fuels for transportation. As part of the 11th annual Imperial Valley Energy Summit, held at the Barbara Worth Convention Center, the summit centered on the growing research and opportunities... Continue Reading →

IID, CAISO reach settlement

EL CENTRO — A three-year legal battle between the Imperial Irrigation District and the state’s grid operator is finally over. The IID and the California Independent System operator reached a legal settlement earlier this week, in which the CAISO has agreed to upgrade one of IID’s power lines (S-Line). This will allow more electricity to... Continue Reading →

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