Local resident gears up to lend a hand in Texas

BRAWLEY — Despite the distance and everyday life obligations, after witnessing the devastating effect Hurricane Harvey had in the city of Houston and surrounding areas Brawley resident Cody Preece decided to step up. For the past few days, Preece along with friends and acquaintances started making phone calls as they began to seek donations to... Continue Reading →

Beyond Awareness: Advocacy group and detention facility work together for benefit of detainees

CALEXICO — Being in detention is a hardship, even a more distressing experience for immigrants seeking to escape from the troubles at home or who are seeking a better future. At the Imperial Regional Detention Facility located east of Calexico, what began as a partnership to meet federal standards has become a close-knit partnership which... Continue Reading →

Algae research at the Salton Sea shows promise

SALTON SEA — As a diverse range of tools and technologies will be needed to remediate the negative health and environmental concerns that affect the Salton Sea and its surrounding areas, multiple agencies including some from the federal government are focusing on researching new approaches to deal with the decline of California’s largest lake. The... Continue Reading →

BOS appoints interim CEO, other changes follow

EL CENTRO — Following the resignation of County Executive Officer Ralph Cordova on Monday evening, the Board of Supervisors was tasked with finding a suitable replacement during the closed session portion of their regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday. Once the board reconvened in open session, county officials announced that during closed session, the board voted... Continue Reading →

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