NRDC: Loosening water conservation targets sends wrong message

On Wednesday the State Water Resources Control Board decided to suspend the strict water conservation mandate signed by Gov. Jerry Brown last year and make way for new regulations that will allow each of the 411 water suppliers across the state to set their own targets. The decision made by the water board has created... Continue Reading →

IID votes against increasing NEM cap to 55 megawatts

EL CENTRO — The Imperial Irrigation District Board of Directors on Tuesday listened to a proposal brought forward by energy department staff to consider increasing the Net Energy Metering Program capacity from 50.2 to 55 megawatts. The reason behind the proposal was to be able to energize some of the projects for which applications were... Continue Reading →

Locals lead efforts to send help to Ecuador

EL CENTRO — After first receiving the initial news of a devastating magnitude 7.8 earthquake that hit Ecuador on a Saturday evening, Imperial Valley resident Anita Nicklen was stunned by the news and desperately began to contact her family back home to find out about the wellbeing of her loved ones. Nicklen is a native... Continue Reading →

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